Top 3 best construction Instagram accounts to follow

Construction has been traditionally part of a man’s world, builders and roofers are generally known to be working men. Instagram then, a photosharing platform launched on October 6th 2010, famous for launching Instagram models and potentially over aestheticising every inch of our daily lives, might not seem the most likely place to look for construction news. The site however is full of wonderful visual and text content from construction magazines, blogs, independent businesses, and crafty individuals all looking to share their tips and tricks of the trade. In celebration of Instagram’s upcoming 10th birthday, we look at the top 3 construction grams you could follow right now. 

1. @finehomebuilding

The Instagram handle for Fine Home Building Magazine, this account shows you the process and behind the scene takes for some super luxury builds. Fine Home Building covers a broad range of subjects and topics related to the industry and is a good place to start for anyone looking to find other sites to follow. They are less focused on any one side of the industry so an excellent follow for any generalists in their 151k followers looking to get a broad picture of trade insights. 

2. @buildingscienefightclub

Building Science Flight Club on Instagram describes itself as ‘Building science and construction for architects’, and the brainchild of renowned influencer Christine Williamson. With 50,000 followers on the social media site, Williamson is making waves within the online community with her forensic approach to construction. 

3. @awesomeframers

Awesome framers is an Instagram account launched by Tim Uhler, the Contributing Editor to @sonicscrewdriver and Tools of the Trade Frequent Contributor to @jlconline. Tim can be found sharing his crafty woodsmen trade with more than 115k followers on the site. The photos and videos he posts of his frame making help even the most novice amongst us feel knowledgeable about his niche subject.

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