Russian company praises new high-capacity crane

Cargo terminal Multipurpose Reloading Complex LLC (MRC), a subsidiary of Russian transportation firm UCL Holding, announced recently that it had begun employing a new crane with a capacity of up to 63 tonnes. The Vityaz, as the machine is dubbed, reportedly handled 4,900 tonnes of coal on its first day on the job, according to PortNews.

The Vityaz is now MRC’s strongest and most technologically advanced crane. Able to handle up to 1,000 tonnes of coal per hour, the Vityaz also has enhanced efficiency thanks to a sophisticated system that automatically distributes energy to various parts of the machine.

Speaking to PortNews, an experienced dock engineer lauded the new crane’s performance:

“It is a pleasure to be the first entrusted with operating the new crane,” Andrey Zarnitsky said. “It is both an honor and a responsibility. With a 40-meter reach, it is possible to load three holds of a Panamax ship without moving a crane. Using it we can enhance the performance and handle the terminal’s increasingly high cargo flow.”

Comfort and safety are other standout features of the Vityaz: an automated system (complete with sensors and sound and light notifications) keeps track of the work space and the machine’s proximity to obstacles, enabling operators to respond with rapidity to any issues or emergencies.

The crane’s panoramic cabin features a monitor which allows for a complete, 360 degree view of the operator’s surroundings. The cabin is also designed to protect operators from the sun’s harmful rays and has both a heater and air conditioner, ensuring comfortable operation in all weather.

Back to Zarnitsky, who says:

“The safety system is perfect. Multiple video cameras let see the blind zones, anti-collision sensors help concentrate primarily on the handling process. The emotions are just positive. It is also very gratifying to see the permanent upgrading of the fleet of equipment. I wish this to continue in the future.”

MRC in located in the Leningrad region of Russia and specializes in the loading, unloading and storage of cargo.

Jeffrey Boyle

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