Bobcat launches innovative remote control attachment for compact loaders

Bobcat, a leading manufacturer of compact equipment for the construction, agricultural and landscaping markets, has added a new Remote Control System to its broad array of attachments for compact loaders.

The Remote Control System is compatible with Bobcat’s standard quick-change Bob-Tach attachment mounting system, with which every Bobcat compact loader is fitted. This means it can be easily attached to, and detached from, all compact loader models. Specifically, the Remote Control System has a plug-and-play design which, as the name suggests, allows operators to install the system onto a given machine with ease (within a matter of minutes); then simply remove it when its job has been done.

As Trade Arabia reports, the main point of remote control is to improve safety, comfort and productivity. It enables users to operate a machine with precision, and without coming into direct contact with the noise, dirt, dust, fuel emissions and other hazards common to construction worksites. Also improving safety is an emergency stop button, as well as drop and tilt detection.

Alastair Jones, Bobcat Attachments District Manager (UK, Ireland and Nordics & Baltics), explained how the Remote Control System differs from similar systems.

“After comprehensive testing and licensing of the new Remote Control System, Bobcat is the first company to provide an attachment product of this type as original ‘Plug&Play’ equipment, rather than offering it as an add-on development from a third party,” he said. “The Remote Control System can be used in many applications with the focus on limitless visibility, the ability to communicate with the surroundings without the need to be present in the cab, comfort enhancement for applications with noise, vibration and harshness or even in dangerous areas.”

Further, “Complementing the applications described above, remote control solutions have proved their qualities and abilities to save lives in the toughest environments all around the world by providing service during disasters like floods, forest fires, mud or rock slides and in other places where operators can be subjected to dangerous situations.”

Bobcat’s Remote Control System attachment is yet another example of the innovative advanced technologies springing up all over the construction equipment industry.

Jeffrey Boyle

Jeffrey Boyle is from Madison, Wisconsin, where he obtained his bachelor's degree in business communications. When he's not reading or writing about construction equipment and machinery, he can probably be found walking--or being walked by--his three Boston Terriers.

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