Work has begun on solar farms to power new Facebook data centre

McCarthy Building Companies (St Louis, Missouri) has started working on two big time solar projects in Georgia after being contracted by Silicon Ranch, a Nashville, Tennessee, company that was tapped by Facebook earlier this year to develop solar farms for the social media monopoly’s new surveillance, er, data centre.

As Solar Power World reports, McCarthy will construct two utility-scale solar power facilities for the mammoth data centre. Located in Newton County, Georgia, it requires as much power as 10,500 homes. But, notably, it will run on 100 percent renewable energy. Facebook sees itself as a kind of technological and moral frontrunner with its solar farms and AI chats, but in reality it’s a predatory corporation that has a dangerous amount of power and influence—economically, socially and politically.

In a statement, Silicon Ranch CEO Reagan Farr praised Facebook for making the projects possible said he looked forward to collaborating with McCarthy.

“Walton EMC and Facebook deserve enormous credit for making these solar projects possible and for enabling Silicon Ranch to make meaningful investments in rural communities across the state,” Farr said. “As the long-term owner of our projects, Silicon Ranch is committed to the communities we serve, and we are pleased to work with McCarthy to advance this legacy in both Jeff Davis and Calhoun Counties.”

With this project, McCarthy is making a point to hire local residents and military veterans to do the work. The company also hopes to demonstrate that renewable energy represents an opportunity to employ workers who have lost jobs in other sectors of the economy due to industry-decimating trade deals like NAFTA.

Here’s how Scott Canada, senior vice president of McCarthy’s Renewable Energy and Storage group, put it:

“Although many industries are suffering during these challenging economic conditions, utility-scale solar construction jobs are on the uptick around the country, and Georgia is no exception. We are continually working to help local skilled craft workers, veterans and those displaced from jobs in hospitality, retail, food service, and other sectors to join our solar project teams and receive the training needed to develop rewarding careers in the growing renewable energy sector.

“We are thrilled to be supporting the state of Georgia’s economic development and clean energy goals with the construction of these two solar facilities that will help support Facebook’s operations in the state and look forward to working with local economic development groups to hire local workers and military veterans who can be part of building the state’s new energy infrastructure.”

For more information on job openings for the solar farm projects you can visit

Jeffrey Boyle

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