Say hello to the Next Gen M316, Cat’s latest wheeled excavator

According to Cat, its new M316 Next Generation wheeled excavator has 14 percent more swing torque than previous models. The company credits an advanced hydraulics system—automatic swing break, auto hydraulic oil warm up, electronic main control valve, combined flow/high-pressure auxiliary circuit—with enabling the machine’s impressive power and efficiency.

Cat advertises the M316 as a remarkably economical machine that offers a terrific return on customer investment. Specifically, the company says that thanks to the M316’s innovative design, operators can expect to spend up to 10 percent less on maintenance costs as compared to the M316F excavator. The machine also delivers better uptime and 100 percent daily ground maintenance.

Another asset is its versatility. Besides general excavating projects, the M316 is ideal for utility work and trenching, and functions as well on dirt surfaces as it does on asphalt. It also gets the job done in extreme weather conditions, with a high-ambient cooling capacity of 52 degrees Celsius and a cold start capability of -18 degrees Celsius. And speaking of versatility, the M316 features auxiliary hydraulic options that render the machine compatible with numerous Cat attachments.

Adding to the M316’s efficiency is the fact that it can travel at speeds up to 35kph (maybe Fast Courier will start using them to make deliveries!). This makes it easier for operators to drive back and forth between work sites, saving time and boosting production.

In engineering the M316, Cat also placed an emphasis on simplicity and comfort. With a push-to-start button, an individual settings memory and a touchscreen operator’s manual, the M316 is a decidedly user-friendly excavator. Meanwhile, different cab options and a heated, adjustable seat ensure a high level of operator comfort.

The M316 has an operating weight of 16,545kg, a Cat C4.4 engine with 148hp, and a digging height of 5.6m.

Based in Deerfield, Illinois, Cat is the largest manufacturer of construction equipment in the world and a Fortune 100 company. Its product offering features more than 300 machines including but not limited to excavators, backhoe loaders, compact and multi-terrain loaders, skid steer loaders, bulldozers and articulated trucks. Cat also produces power systems. Its dealer network covers every major market in the world.

Jeffrey Boyle

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