Plans for a new data centre in NSW announced

Whenever you use your smartphone, computer or even watch these days you are connecting to a worldwide network of data communication links. This gigantic network of data is also often referred to as the cloud, and is used by millions of people everywhere as their digital storage home across multiple linked devices. While so many people rely on such data fuelled communications channels, not many will be thinking of where their digital baggage is stored or how the network of communication channels they use  is able to function. Digital data centres have been around since the birth of the computer, and are a growing part of our society’s technological development. They are key to the smooth running and safety of our digital data networks, and require large amounts of electricity and maintenance to stay running in mint condition. 

Many in the area of New South Wales therefore will be pleased to hear of the upcoming plans for a new data centre to be built in the area. The report outlines the government’s plans to invest $264 million Australian Dollars in the centre that will be built in the Macquarie Park area. The building of the centre is estimated to create roughly 400 construction jobs that should help bring economic development to the area and building sector there. After construction, the data centre will add more jobs in the form of management, engineers, technicians and maintenance staff, as well as provide the support needed for growing New South Wales and Australia’s digital economy. 

Planning and Public Spaces Minister for New South Wales, Rob Stokes, described how: “Our increased reliance on digital technologies means the demand for the physical infrastructure underpinning these technologies is growing.” He went on to detail how “Fast-tracking data centre assessments are a key part of the NSW Government’s planning reforms because they are vital to supporting our economic growth.” The plans hope to see the Macquarie Park emerge as a flourishing business district for Australia’s much anticipated covid-19 economic recovery.

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