New South Wales to replace over 400 wooden bridges

Plans have been made in the New South Wales territory of Australia to replace over 400 wooden bridges throughout the region. The government of New South Wales has dedicated $500 million Australian Dollars to the project to replace the region’s timber bridges with more sturdy bridges made of more up to date and modern materials. 

The New South Wales Government hopes that by replacing the traditional timbre bridges with more modern crafted ones, there will be improved safety for uses of the bridge. It also hopes that stronger bridges will be more resilient to natural disasters, as well as help to increase user connectivity in the territory. The project is called the Fixing Country Bridges programme, which is exactly what it is setting out to do. 

Hopes for the project laid out by John Barilaro, the Deputy Premier for the New South Wales government, explain that by spending more money now to replace the bridges there will actually be a cost saving effect for taxpayers further down the line in the future. Bushfires and floods are currently big challenges for the aged bridge structures that had been previously made from wooden timber and easily corruptible by such natural disasters. 

Barilaro was quoted saying of the project: “I’m thrilled to see these bridges get underway, it’s an election commitment we promised and are delivering on. The bridges will help create new jobs, drive economic growth and deliver lifestyle improvements for generations to come.” He went on to comment on the effect of the coronavirus global pandemic on the programme: “Last year was one of the most challenging years’ regional communities have faced due to COVID-19, summer bushfires and drought – and that’s before heavy rains hit some areas.”

The programme will replace 424 bridges across 54 councils in the New South Wales territory. Over $290 million Australian Dollars will be distributed through the programme in this initial round one.

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