Melbourne’s Fishermans Bend to be potentially designated a national heritage site

Good news is here for Melbourne residents passionate about their city’s heritage: Melbourne’s very own Fishermans Bend has been nominated for heritage protection. The area is iconic for its architecture as well as its place in the history as part of the city’s ongoing industrial development. 

Five sites have been put forward for nomination of protection as heritage sites to the City of Melbourne Councillors. Deputy Lord Mayor Nicholas Reece said the result will be subject to the independent review of a heritage expert. 

The area designated as Fishermans Bend that will be under consideration includes the infamous national favourite Vegemite’s former factory, as well as widely recognised West Gate Bridge and even an aircraft factory. 

In a statement to the press Deputy Lord Mayor, Nicholas Reece said: “Fishermans Bend has been home to some of our most iconic industries and brands including Vegemite and General Motors Holden.” 

He went on to describe how the site is set to continue its central role in Melbourne’s community when “By 2050, Fishermans Bend is expected to provide employment for up to 80,000 people. We want to create new jobs and communities in this urban renewal area while protecting the places and histories that make it unique.”

Councillor Rohan Leppert is the lead member of the team looking after the heritage site. In a statement about the City of Melbourne’s actions he said: “This is the most comprehensive study of industrial heritage we’ve ever undertaken.” He went on to express the importance of the task at hand, “This is the industrial heartland of our city, a proud heritage that we don’t want to lose as Fishermans Bend undergoes renewal.”

Following review from the board the city will submit two places to the Victorian Heritage Register to be recorded as sites for protection. 

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