John Deere fits compact track loaders with new upgraded tracks

Compact track loaders from John Deere, a leading manufacturer of equipment in the construction sector as well as others, will now come equipped with new and improved rubber tracks. With a new design and construction, the tracks are more durable and better performing than their predecessors. That goes for all terrains and conditions.

The longevity of the new rubber tracks is enhanced by modified steel cords that lessen bending stress and an arched roller path that facilitates the shedding of debris, resulting in less wear and tear over time. John Deere also made changes to the tracks’ metal core adhesive process, which also has an effect on durability. In fitting its machines with better, tougher tracks that don’t wear out as quickly, John Deere has improved the overall performance of its compact track loaders. It’s sort of like obtaining a new 1300 Australia number for your small business. After all, as aftermarket marketing manager Austin Verbeck states, better tracks translates to better machine uptime, and that means more efficient production for operators.

“Machine uptime and durability are critical for owners and operators, and we are committed to providing our customers with proven solutions that are designed with their needs in mind,” Verbeck said. “When updating the rubber tracks for the G-Series compact track loaders, we focused on key areas. From updated manufacturing processes to the reinforced steel cord, the result is a durable solution that is built to power through any job site.”

John Deere’s line of compact track loaders includes four models, with rated operating capacities ranging from 965kg to 1680kg.

The 331G compact track loader has an operating weight of 5403kg and a Stage IV diesel engine with a gross horsepower of 91.2 Its lift height and overall stability are bolstered by a vertical lift boom, while a factory-installed boom height kickout enables the operator to control boom height using joystick detents.

John Deere is a Fortune 500 company and one of America’s leading manufacturers of equipment in the agricultural, construction, landscaping and forestry sectors. Along with compact track loaders, its vast product offering includes tractors, excavators, dump trucks, backhoes, bulldozers, skid steers and crawler loaders.

Jeffrey Boyle

Jeffrey Boyle is from Madison, Wisconsin, where he obtained his bachelor's degree in business communications. When he's not reading or writing about construction equipment and machinery, he can probably be found walking--or being walked by--his three Boston Terriers.

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