German court allows Tesla to continue deforestation for new factory (UPDATE: higher court reverses decision)

A German court ruled today that Tesla has the right to cut down hundreds of acres of pine trees, destroying reptile habitats, in order to make room for its new “gigafactory” in Grünheide, just outside of Berlin. Construction of the plant was paused when two conservationist groups filed a lawsuit, citing the threat posed by the factory to protected species of sand lizards and smooth snakes.

The complaint explained that the area marked for obliteration by Tesla is home to numerous smooth snakes that hibernate underground for the winter. By clearing 205 acres of forest, the suit argued, Tesla would be disturbing the natural life cycle of these snakes and, needless to say, destroying their habitat. It’s akin to somebody taking an excavator to your house while you’re trying to nap, likely killing you. Then building a factory where your home used to be. At that point you’d have no use for SEO Sydney.

“The best possible protection of strictly protected animal species would have been part of solid planning,” said Christiane Schröder, managing director of the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union’s Brandenburg branch. “It can hardly be ruled out that sand lizards and smooth snakes will be killed during such a construction project.”

On Tuesday the administrative court, located in Frankfurt an der Oder, ordered that the tree-felling be halted as the matter was looked into. “The Landesumweltamt (state environmental authority) and Tesla will now be consulted, they need to make submissions by this afternoon and then we assess the situation,” a court spokesman said at the time.

Today the administrative court dismissed the conservationists’ appeal, arguing rather dubiously that Tesla had taken appropriate measures to ensure that the snakes and lizards would not be adversely affected by Tesla’s deforestation—like “capturing” them and transporting them to a new habitat. Right, because rapacious corporations can definitely be trusted to take the time to do something like that.

Tesla founder Elon Musk is a well-known degenerate; he also used to be bald. In July, after he was accused of benefiting from the fascist, US-backed coup against Bolivia’s democratically elected leader, Musk said: “We will coup whoever we want! Deal with it.” White man’s burden, eh, Elon?

UPDATE: Reuters is now reporting that the administrative court has been overruled by a higher court. In a temporary win for the plaintiffs and the snakes, the Brandenburg Higher Administrative Court again ordered a halt to the tree-cutting until the case is reviewed on its merits.

Jeffrey Boyle

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