Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) requires drone operator registration

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has released news recently that it will now require drone operators to be registered and hold the required accreditation for an operator. Drones are currently used in a myriad of ways by the construction industry, as well as for other commercial purposes, meaning a large amount of business will be affected by the new guidelines. The new laws will come into place on January 28th 2021, and make it mandatory for commercial drones to be registered. 

The new mandatory rules will be in effect for anyone using drones for commercial or employment purposes. These people will need to register their drones with CASA as soon as possible to ensure they are abiding by the new law. It will be the responsibility of the drone owner to ensure their operator holds a certificate of registration and CASA advises for this to be checked prior to the signing of any contracts or employment. It is up to the project owners to confirm the registrations and accreditations will remain valid for the time period of the project. This is vital to ensure liability in case drones fail or break in a fall. Project owners are advised to also confirm that their operator’s public liability insurance is able to provide coverage for the specific service of their employment. 

These new regulations will apply to all drones on a construction site, including ones used for inspecting infrastructure and as industrial equipment. Commercial activities included are the selling of photos or videos for any purpose, as well as using the drone for surveillance or security monitoring, and even for research and development purposes. 

Any project owner found not operating under the new guidelines will face their own operator’s insurance being invalidated and the project being deemed an illegal operation according to the CASA guidelines. 

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