CASE offers array of new attachments for skid steers

Companies operating CASE Construction Equipment branded skid steers in South East Asia can now use said machines for a variety of applications thanks to a new range of specialised attachments that have been made available in that region.

Per CASE, the attachments greatly expand the skid steers’ functionality, making them perfect for projects in road construction, road maintenance, demolition and even farming.

“CASE now offers nine different skid steer loaders and eight specialised attachments,” the company explains on its website. “To demonstrate the versatility of these machines—designed for digging, pushing, loading and carrying—the first of a series of road shows was staged today in Rayong, on the east coast of Thailand. The event was attended by dealers from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore.”

The new attachments come on the heels of a series of major upgrades to CASE skid steers. The latest models from CASE offer better operating capacities, lower carbon emissions and best in class horsepower and bucket breakout force. CASE now produces the largest radial-lift skid steer on the market.

With the development and introduction of the new attachments, customers in South East Asia are now able to choose between a number of different packages configured for specific applications.

The Farm Package, for example, features CASE’s Multi-Bucket attachment “for scraping and clean-up of livestock waste and handling loose feed, fertilizer and earth; Pallet Forks, for the easy unloading and moving of palletized bags of fertilizer from trucks; and either the Pickup Broom or an Auger for drilling holes for trees, post-holes and fencing.”

Danilo Catalucci, Head of Marketing for CASE Construction Equipment in South East Asia and Japan, emphasized the versatility of the company’s skid steers.

“CASE is well known for offering a wide product range for road construction, with many projects across South East Asia already using our graders, dozers, and compactors,” he said. “Less well-known is how the versatility of our skid steer loaders makes them suitable for a wide range of industries. With so many different loader attachments available, there’s a partner for every job.”

Jeffrey Boyle

Jeffrey Boyle is from Madison, Wisconsin, where he obtained his bachelor's degree in business communications. When he's not reading or writing about construction equipment and machinery, he can probably be found walking--or being walked by--his three Boston Terriers.