American contractors accused of hiring armed Mexicans to guard border wall construction sites

When Donald Trump was running for president in 2016, he incessantly claimed that he was going to build the most beautiful border wall anyone had ever seen and, furthermore, that he would convince the government of Mexico to pay for it. Over the past four years he has indeed been building a wall along the US border with Mexico, though it’s not anything to write home about and Mexico most certainly isn’t contributing a single peso to its construction.

According to two whistleblowers, however, Mexico is (unwittingly) contributing personnel, namely “unvetted” armed guards tasked with patrolling the construction sites. Per Business Insider, the whistleblowers are a former deputy sheriff and a former FBI agent; both were reportedly hired by a construction company, Sullivan Land Services, for security services in 2019.

The US government gave at least five contracts—worth over $1 billion—to Sullivan Land Services to build portions of the wall in three states: Texas, New Mexico and California.

Sullivan Land Services is one of two companies accused in court of bringing armed and “unvetted” (i.e. illegal) Mexicans into the US to provide additional security for the building of Trump’s border wall—then lying about it. The other is Ultimate Concrete, which allegedly went so far as to pave a new road across the border to give the Mexicans easier access to the construction sites. Both companies also stand accused of over-billing the US government for their work. I think it’s safe to say they don’t run AFP police checks on their new employees.

The court filing accuses the companies of “knowingly permitting the use of unvetted workers in sensitive and lightly secured areas in the immediate vicinity of the US-Mexico border” and hiding the illicit practice from the government while encouraging “others to do the same.”

The whistleblowers further claim that “at least one US government employee” of the Army Corps of Engineers “was aware of or involved in the cover-up”—and moreover that Ultimate Concrete paid hush money to this individual.

Sullivan Land Services refused to comment on the allegations while Jesse Guzman, the president of Ultimate Concrete, told the New York Times he has no knowledge of anything and suggested that the whistleblowers have an ax to grind because “something didn’t go their way.”

Anyway, I think the irony of American companies hiring illegal Mexican workers to help build a wall designed to keep illegal Mexican immigrants out of the country speaks for itself.

Jeffrey Boyle

Jeffrey Boyle is from Madison, Wisconsin, where he obtained his bachelor's degree in business communications. When he's not reading or writing about construction equipment and machinery, he can probably be found walking--or being walked by--his three Boston Terriers.

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