Amazon to open 1,000 new warehouses in USA suburbs

Leading tech-giant and online distributor Amazon has revealed plans this September to open 1,000 new warehouses in the suburban USA, though it is hard to find a timeline that has been specified for the project. The move is thought to come in response to slowed delivery services earlier this year as a result of increased demand through impacts from the COVID-19 crises. The coronavirus saw a surge of consumers staying home to avoid spreading the virus, and a increase in essential and non-essential items being ordered from the online store. Increased demand not only put a stress with in additional orders, but effects of the virus meant that there was reduced staff available to fulfil demand, as well as there being impacts in service delivery with staff at warehouses having to follow strict virus spreading prevention measures in order to staff safe in unpredictable times. 

The bold move from Amazon to open 1,000 new service distribution centre warehouses comes as no surprise to those in the industry who have only watched the demand for online distribution increase. With more people shopping online and the practice becoming more ingrained in people’s nature, their demand for faster shipping time and a higher level of convenience expected from the service has also increased. The aim is to reduce waiting time down from order purchase point, to the moment the product is finally in the consumers hand – with their goal being to get it to you quicker then driving to the store! However, there are concerns for some that the dark side of this super level of convenience would come at a detrimental cost to others as warehouses encroach further and further into town and cities. It’s hard to imagine many of thrilled at the thought of more Amazon delivery vans creating traffic jams, or the possibility of living in close residential proximity to a large storage warehouse.

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